Fissure, Oil on Canvas, 137 x 101cm
Gyre Vortex Jetsam Collection, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 101 cm
Ahitamatama (Portrait of the Artist's Wife), Oil on Canvas, 101 x 51 cm
Coastal Cacophony, Oil on Canvas, 137 x 101 cm
Observation (Long Hot Summer), Oil on Canvas, 166 x 123 cm
Oil on Canvas, 137 x 101 cm

Mark Cross

New Zealand born artist Mark Cross is considered one of the South Pacific's leading contemporary realist painters. Dividing his time between studios in Auckland and the central Polynesian island of Niue, Mark Cross works are sought after by collectors from the Pacific rim and further afield. Employing landscapes often with people in them, Mark Cross works are well known for imparting a social message that speaks of mankind's delinquent abuse of his home the Earth. They speak of the world but are intrinsically Pacific.

Currently showing in Portugal. Information here.

Recent work

Mer de Blanc; Oil on Canvas, 138 x 112 cm

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